Shutters That Will Last For Decades Adding Beauty And Distinction To The Exterior Of Your Home.

Nu-Wood is your source for shutters.


With a variety of styles and sizes readily available, any style home can be outfitted with this architectural que that adds color and texture to any building. You can order them in any one of our standard colors or choose from an endless pallet of colors through our Classic Color Program.

Our polyurethane molding process allows us the recreate the finest details so that not only do they look exactly like wood, but they will last much longer than wood and never need to be scraped and repainted.

Your Nu-Wood millwork will endure the hardships of harsh summer heat and bone chilling winters, and 20 years from now, your Nu-Wood millwork will look as good as the day that your contractor first put it up. Keep in mind that all Nu-Wood products will never swell, absorb moisture, become infested with insects or cause the paint to chip or peel.

Combine Nu-Wood Decorative Accents with your imagine to compose traditional, modern, or entirely unique looks for your home. Adding simple details such as some brackets, dentil blocks, corbels, or quions can be all it takes to make your house stand out from the rest.


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