Nothing could be easier, or more profitable.

Nu-Wood enhances the bottom line of builders by providing an easy-to-install PVC Wrap that is offered with “factory” finish white (no painting needed) and ready to install. The crafted PVC feature accent pieces are competitively priced to wood counterparts, yet require no special skills or tools to install with the added value of providing years of maintenance-free satisfaction. Our PVC Column Wraps come with three sides assembled using a common lock miter for easy install. To insure no slippage occurs during shipping we also pin the three assembled sides. Once at the job site, the partially assembled column is simply slid over the existing post, the fourth side is put in place and glued / pinned and that’s it. It was already cut to size and painted from the factory. Nothing else is necessary to complete the install of your custom sized, needs no maintenance, PVC column wrap.


Available in four different styles, Nu-Wood PVC Column wraps are perfect for any job where you need to maximize productivity and increase your profits.

Available in Straight or Tapered designs, you can choose between Fluted, Recessed, Raised and Plain panel styles, and in practically any size you can imagine. Contact our Customer Service Dept for a cost on your exact size and quantity.


Product Categories

Raised Panel

Fluted Panel

Recessed Panel

Tapered , Plain Panel

Trim Options Available For All PVC Column Wraps