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Make Your Home More Welcoming With an Elegant Nu-Wood Entry System

The beauty of Nu-Wood Entry Systems is that we use the same material that our other millwork components are made from – tough polyurethane that will endure the hardships of harsh summer heat and bone chilling winters. And even better, 20 years from now your Nu-Wood millwork will look as good as the day that your contractor first put it up. Keep in mind that all Nu-Wood products will never swell, absorb moisture, become infested with insects or cause the paint to chip or peel, so you can save a tree, and some paint with Nu-Wood Entry Systems!

Nu-Wood Entry Systems are available by the component or as a complete system so that you can mix and match parts to create your own unique design – elegant or contemporary, or any other genre or combination you can think of.




We offer a large variety of headers in a large variety of styles. Choose your length, your height and your options like keystones, dentil or regular trim. By utilizing our classic color program, we will even factory paint your millwork to the exact color that you need to match or contrast your siding or doors. Simply choose one of Sherwin Williams endless number of color possibilities from their Resilience line of exterior paint, and we will take care of the rest. 



We have a good number of keystones available to specifically fit our headers. See in the ordering instructions how to specify the addition of a keystone and the style.


The difference that a few hours can make. Enhance the visual impact that your entryway makes by adding Nu-Wood Entry Systems.

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